How I became a Developer


I started programming at the age of 13. After studying technical chemistry for a few years I decided to change into the IT sector and got my Bachelor's degree from the UAS. In the second semester of my IT study, I got a job as software developer. I've been happy developing software since then and I'm an extreme nerd when it comes to learning awesome tech.

About me as a Developer


My favourite projects to work on are Xamarin.Forms and Microservice applications. But in general I love all kinds of tasks, where I do have to design awesome architecture or where I have to turn on nerd mode and do some extreme low level stuff or performance tweaks.

I'm very passionate about developing clean and structured code and architectures. But overall I believe in my mantra:

unit tests > debugging.

What's also worth to mention is that I'm really into clean DevOps processes. I also do a lot of operations stuff and love creating awesome scripts, to make my job as a developer easier. I'd not call me a pro in operations, but you might always get some nice input when nerding around.

Next to my work I'm currently creating and maintaining a small and open source MVVM Library, and I'm also working with friends on a bigger, microservice based gamemanagement tool for a well known carde game (more infos will follow after the release of the app).

Find my code on GitLab